So you have decided to buy PALS.

What if I am already a member?

If you are currently a member of the Institute you can buy PALS straight away at the special discounted rate by logging into the PALS website with your Australian Institute of Architects member number (e.g.: 54321) and your usual password.

What if I have forgotten my login?

Please contact the Institute for assistance or use this password recovery form.

What if I am not a member of the Institute?

You can still buy PALS as a non-member and pay the full price. Please use this registration form to create a new user record and then return here to purchase PALS.

What if I want to join the Institute?

If you would like to become a member of the Institute first, with a cheaper PALS price and all of the benefits of membership please click here contact the Institute for assistance prior to creating a login.

What if I am not an Institute member but already have a login?

If you have an existing login for another Institute service (such as Acumen, Continuum or you can login to buy PALs at the non-member price.

Login with your non-member contact ID (e.g.: C98765).

Forgot password ?

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