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PALS is the Australian Institute of Architects' Practice of Architecture Learning Series.

PALS is comprised of 15 online modules integrated with face to face tutorials facilitated by practicing architects and local experts and held in the local state and territory offices. The emphasis is on adult learning principles so you study the online modules in your own time and attend sessions that give you an opportunity to gain expert advice, share knowledge amongst your peers and get in touch with a broad range of Institute events. 

The objectives of the PALS program are:

  • to consolidate knowledge and skills in architectural practice as a sound foundation for successful completion of the Architectural Practice Examination,
  • to improve capabilities more broadly in day-to-day practice within the profession
  • to act as a refresher course for those coming back to the profession or moving here from another country


These are conducted by Institute member architects and other building industry professionals who share their experiences to highlight key issues and processes for your consideration and to focus your learning. Any questions about PALS content can be emailed to pals@architecture.com.au.

Each State and Territory office will post updates or details of face-to-face tutorials that are held throughout the year. Click here for Course Dates and PALS contact information.


The fifteen self-contained online modules address key elements of architectural practice from legal aspects, to client realtionships, to contracts. The modules come complete with downloadable study notes and both notes and modules link you to relevant in-depth information through Acumen, the Australian Institute of Architects' online database of architectural practice advisory material.  

Architectural Practice Examination (APE) 

The 2020 Architectural Practice Examination (APE) timetable has now been released and can be viewed at: https://www.aaca.org.au/ape-logbook-submissions/. For more information on the exam go to: http://www.aaca.org.au/architectregister.html or your local Architects' Registration Board.


Acumen is the Australian Institute of Architects' online database of architectural practice advisory material and is an essential part of the PALS learning experience. Acumen content is structured under Practice, Project and Resource streams. Each stream enables the user to 'drill down' to the level of information required to satisfy their inquiry and links to relevant and related sites.

Purchase of the PALS program includes 12 months subscription to Acumen. Your PALS login and password details allow full access to Acumen.


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